For over 70 years, the Central Illinois Chapter of Sheet Metal Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (CIL SMACNA) has been an exceptional organization of sheet metal contractors.  The purpose of SMACNA is to create a competitive advantage for delivery to SMACNA member customers.

What does a SMACNA Contractor Stand For?

Integrity through open and honest dealings with clients and others in construction.

Technical Leadership in the HVAC industry by using BIM (Building Information Modeling), LEED, green construction and building sustainability; being and Energy Partner efficiency expert; setting industry standards; and impacting governmental and legislative initiatives to benefit our construction industry.

Collaborative relationships with our Sheet Metal Workers International Association (SMWIA) labor partners for the betterment of all customers.

Superior Service assures accessibility; builds valued relationships with our customers; recognizes and meets clients requirements; and utilizes technological advancement through applied expertise.

Best Practices featuring shared experiences; comprehensive communications.

Continuous innovation driving change and improvement by creation and implementation of new products plus services for all customers.



SMACNA Contractors - the known HVAC experts - are the companies of choice with the competitive advantage of SMWIA partnerships to for the definitive competitive advantage in the market place   You'll know where you stand when you put a SMACNA contractor to work for you!